Waiters/Waitress for One of Fine Dining restaurant in Turkey

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Maiti Devi Marg, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal , , , NP

Job Descriptions

Waiter / Waitress Responsibilities: Provide customers with menus. Take customer orders and relay this to the kitchen. Serve food and beverages to customers. Listen to any complaints that patrons have and address them appropriately. Prepare bills and process payments. Waiter/ Waitress Requirements: Endurance to stand and walk for long hours. Flexible work hours. Friendly disposition. Excellent coordination skills. Excellent communication skills.

Job Specification

We are looking for a friendly Waiter / Waitress to assist customers by providing menus and information about specials, taking food orders and ensuring that orders are received by kitchen staff and prepared according to the customer's specifications. Waiter / Waitresses also check in with customers to find out if they are happy with their service and meals. To be successful as a Waiter / Waitress you must be friendly and patient with all customers. A good Waiter / Waitress enquires about the customer's needs and ensures that they have a satisfactory dining experience.

Salary and Benefits

Offered Salary: USD 500 monthly
Overtime Applicable

Job Overview

Offered Salary

USD 500 monthly

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Maiti Devi Marg, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal