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AED 1200 monthly - AED 1400 monthly
Spa & Well being
full time
Wellness Department
Life Guard
Job Specification

We are looking to recruit an observant lifeguard to ensure the safety of visitors to our aquatic facility. Lifeguards ensure swimmer safety in a variety of settings ranging from water parks and beaches to public and private pools. In this role, lifeguards enforce safety rules, monitor the water for danger, and rescue swimmers. Lifeguards may also determine when bodies of water need to be closed to swimmers. They also conduct CPR on swimmers who have inhaled water and maintain records of incidents that occur at the pool or beach. Lifeguard employment tends to be seasonal, although some lifeguards work in pools and beaches that are open year-round. This role requires lifeguards to pay excellent attention to their surroundings, and strong swimming skills are a necessity.

Job Responsibilities

  • Oversee Swimmer Safety: The primary duty of a lifeguard is to maintain swimmer safety. Lifeguards monitor water conditions and guest behavior, enforcing safety rules and paying close attention to swimmer activities and behavior. Lifeguards may issue warnings when a visitor is creating an unsafe environment and may determine when they need to ask a guest to leave. Lifeguards may also assist new swimmers to help them safely enjoy the water.
  • Conduct Rescue Operations: Lifeguards prevent death and injury by rescuing swimmers from the water. If a lifeguard notices a swimmer struggling or beneath the water for too long, they take necessary steps to safely remove the swimmer from the water. In some cases, a lifeguard may have to begin CPR procedures, working with other lifeguards to contact emergency services personnel and provide assistance to the swimmer.
  • Organize Pool Activities: Some lifeguards support visitors by organizing activities in and around the pool or beach, including pool parties, lessons, and swim teams. Lifeguards work closely with supervisors and other lifeguards to schedule and oversee these activities, which may occur outside of regular swimming hours, and ensure that participants have a safe and positive experience while visiting the pool, beach, or park.
  • Monitor Weather and Conditions: Lifeguards maintain overall safety by monitoring weather and water conditions for signs of danger. A lifeguard working at a beach, for example, may monitor tidal activity and waves to determine if the water is safe enough for swimmers. A pool lifeguard may check the weather to see if thunderstorms or other weather events could create an unsafe swimming environment. In both cases, lifeguards take steps to close the swimming area if they determine that conditions are hazardous to swimmers.
  • Open and Close Pools and Beaches: Many lifeguards are responsible for opening and closing swimming areas. For lifeguards who work in indoor and outdoor pools, this can include removing the pool cover, attaching guides and guards, and checking water condition before the pool opens to swimmers. Lifeguards working at public beaches or water parks may remove barriers at the beginning of the day to allow for visitor access and replace them at the end of the day.
  • Contribute to Maintenance and Upkeep: Lifeguards may also contribute to maintenance and upkeep activities in and around the pool or other swimming areas so that visitors can enjoy a safe and clean environment. This can include cleaning up walkways around a pool, adding chemicals according to safety guidelines, and regularly cleaning pool water and surfaces. Beach lifeguards may contribute to cleaning and maintaining public areas like showers and garbage receptacles.

Salary and Benefits

Offered Salary: AED 1200 monthly - AED 1400 monthly
Overtime Applicable
As per company policy Food Accommodation Transportation Medical Insurance Visa Provided