Dubai’s new $5 billion ‘Moon’ proposed as UAE shoots for the stars

Dubai’s new $5 billion ‘Moon’ proposed as UAE shoots for the stars

Dubai could soon be home to the Middle East’s biggest tourism destination resort, the Dhs18 billion Moon Dubai.

Proposals for the mega project, which is designed to look exactly as it sounds, have been proposed by Moon World Resorts Inc.

Moon Dubai is a resort of the kind you’ve never seen before, with everything from a spa, night club and events centre to luxury residences, a ‘moon shuttle’ and training services for various space agencies and astronauts from around the world.

Not to mention the fact it looks like the moon, with a giant sphere, its ‘lunar surface’ surrounded by a ‘lunar colony’.

This lunar surface is designed to welcome 2.5 million visitors to experience space tourism – all from the ground in Dubai.

The destination would have an overall height of 224 metres and is designed to be built in within just 48 months.

An architectural design triumph for now, if Moon Dubai gets lift off, in total it will be able to accommodate 10 million annual visitors.

Through partnerships with space agencies, it would be designed to put Dubai on the global stage as a hub for affordable space tourism.

Currently in design phase, the concept is the brainchild of Sandra G. Matthews and Michael R. Henderson.

The duo are about to embark on a 2023 roadshow to present Moon to potential licensees across the Middle East, with Dubai one of the target locations, along with cities in KSA, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait.

In total, Moon World Resorts Inc. wants to license four Moon resorts worldwide, one in each of North America, Europe, MENA and Asia.

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